From skeptic to believer I was certainly a skeptic, but after losing my husband and being left with many unanswered questions, I was willing to give a reading with a medium a try. I am SO glad that I did. Not only was Cynthia able to communicate with him, she was able to provide me with many of the answers I was seeking. Most importantly, however, Cynthia was able to provide me with a gift I didn't even know I needed until I obtained it - the gift of knowing my husband really is still with me and he always will be. This has allowed me to change how I look at this whole situation - I can finally celebrate the fact that my husband is with me spiritually, rather than continuing to focus on and grieve his loss physically. I am so thankful I sought a reading and that the many helpful reviews provided by clients before me helped lead me to Cynthia!
Jason W
Doubt turns to tears My spirit said go, my brain was doubtful. And I chose to come in with an opening mind an enjoy the experience. It was SO MUCH MORE than I ever expected. A full hour of surprises and tears as loved ones came through to say hello and give their message. When Cynthia called out my moms name, my jaw dropped. This was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had, being in contact with loved ones that have been keeping an eye on me. I would highly HIGHLY recommend Cynthia to anyone.
Molly E
Fullfilling and Wanting More I had an wonderful, amazing experience with Cynthia. She reaffirmed my belief that those that have died are in some way still with us. I so needed to hear from both of my parents, and there is no way she would have been able to convey the messages she did unless she truly heard from them. Such a beautiful, amazing, spiritual gift Cynthia has!
Lisa R
True connection I was able to connect with my sister who left this earth far too early. The reading was 100% legit and let me know my sister was in a good place which helped me heal. Most of what came from Cynthia was details no one would know. I’m very thankful and so happy I had this reading!
Barbara G
Amazing I was reeferred to Cynthia by a friend who is a medium and I knew there way a reason for it. It was a life altering reading. I will definitely see Cynthia again.
Debra B
Best Ever Thing I've Done For Me Amazingly spot on and so very helpful in my grief journey. So valuable to anyone wishing to grow and know peace.
Very Pleased I was VERY happy with Cynthia. I researched quite a bit before choosing her and felt "guided" in my choice and was not disappointed. I tend to "withhold information from my end unless and until it seems warranted to add some clarity . Everything made perfect sense and the messages were very meaningful to me. I had to think on several things that did not originally register with me...but upon reflection....they were right on. I would see Cynthia again and would definitely recommend her. She was kind and warm and open.
Anna B
Amazing! Cynthia was spot on with so many things in my reading! With my mother’s sudden passing, Cynthia was able to connect with her and it gave me so much comfort in my deep grief. I’m going to go back again in the Fall.
Karen S
Thank You! Cynthia Rose has an extraordinary gift. This was my first experience with a medium and I think I was with one of the best. I was stunned and blown away by the accuracy as she described and communicated with my good friend who passed away four months ago. I was left speechless. She was right on the mark about everything. I have no doubt--it was my friend. Thank you, Cynthia.
Jill C
Reading for my mom I took my mom to see Cynthia for a 30 minute reading as my mom talks to my grandma as though she was still living. I thought it would impress my mom that she could communicate with grandma and we were not disappointed in the least. I have seen Cynthia numerous times and have taken some classes with her. She is Amazing!!!
Melissa O
Seeking guidance Cynthia is amazing, I was able to connect with loved ones and feel at peace. I will definitely stay connected with Cynthia , she is caring, and truly wants to assist her clients with their souls journey. She’s awesome!
Molly S
Reading Cynthia Rose was phenomenal! She was down to earth and gentle during the reading. She brought through the personalities of my loved ones with evidence behind them-most important part! Cynthia was patient and didn’t rush me! I felt that she was a medium of a high caliber and that I would go back to her in the future. Thank you Cynthia-Rose!
Alicia C
Reading We had both individual and group readings with Cynthia and she is amazing. She is very kind and professional.
Working through grief I recently lost my mother unexpectedly, 3 days after my wedding. Cynthia allowed me to release some of those feelings. It was cathartic, but she also knew several things that completely convinced me.Thank you Cynthia.
Awesome Very comforting and spot on. Highly recommend
Good reading Cynthia was very nice and was able to connect with my mother who had passed. She gave lots of reaffirming facts. She moved a little to quickly at times where I felt like I couldn't ask questions. Especially since the 1 hour session was timed. I would have like to have had some time at the end to ask questions that weren't talked about. Overall she definitely has a talent. Would see her again.
Jane M
Jane Marino Cynthia made an amazing connection with my mother who had passed on 16 days earlier! My reading was a gift I will always cherish!
Paula H
Amazing Reading! This was my second reading with Cynthia and both were accurate and gave me much needed peace of mind. I will continue to see Cynthia as time passes. She is truly gifted.
Amazing! I was so touched by everything Cynthia has said in both of my readings so far! She has been right on about everything from loved ones passed, to spirit and soul intuitiveness. I am so lucky to have found her in such a time of need. Thanks!
Amazing! I was so touched by everything Cynthia has said in both of my readings so far! She has been right on about everything from loved ones passed, to spirit and soul intuitiveness. I am so lucky to have found her in such a time of need. Thanks!
Medium Reading Cynthia was definitely amazing. She definitely brought closure to me. However, I wish I had the whole 2 hours to myself hahaha. She has an amazing gift and I am glad she crossed our paths. I will definitely be a returning! Every pennie spent was well worth it. She traveled to us which was very convenient and we received our recording very quickly as well. She is very kind and makes you feel comfortable throughout the entire reading. She said things no one would know. Amazing work! Do not hesitate to schedule with her! Well worth it! Thanks Cynthia!
Thankful My sister and i got the privilege to get to know Cynthia at the end of 2018. My sister went first, she went to see her as a medium and was blown away by the accuracy of what Cynthia knew, all i have to say is that unless you have a book written about you somewhere with all your family history including a family tree, there is no way she knows what shes telling you. Later on this year I went twice for a reading and a healing session. I can honestly say that Meeting Cynthia has bee one of the most profound experiences of my life , since my meeting with her i have made an immense amount of healing. Not only is she an amazing medium and healer shes and even better human being. Im convinced that she came to this world to help others . I pray for her and I’m so thankful God put her on my path and I pray others that need her get to know her as well.
Heather J
Amazing experience Cynthia was great! Highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for a medium .
Patrick G
Authenticity Cynthia-Rose clearly is a gifted psychic and medium. But, she brings more to her readings than simply her abilities and skills in that regard. She presents a genuine, authentic person who speaks with warmth and empathy. She takes a straightforward, candid approach in her communication that readily establishes trust and creates confidence in her practice. I highly recommend Cynthia Rose not only because of her gifts, but for being a genuinely lovely person with whom her clients feel at ease. My two sessions with her were highly meaningful and rewarding experiences.
Susan P
Deeply Grateful... My first reading experience with Cynthia was truly powerful, finding her completely accurate, her presence and connection resonating as one with me.. A beautiful gifted channeler she is, and how thankful to have her in our world, and locally here! It was a healing and empowering inspiring hour for me, worth ‘every penny’! Such a lovely compassionate joyful soul, I look so forward to being in your presence again soon, and to taking a class with you!
Emily O
Amazing Experience My reading went above my expectations. Cynthia is amazing and was able to validate each loved one that came through with connections I only knew. She also did some soul to soul which I am planning on going back to work on more with her. If you are hesitating at all just book with her you will not be disappointed.
Karen G
Wonderful Connections Cynthia brought me some beautiful messages from my bother during a group session. She was also able to help me connect better with my dogs to help solve some behavior problems we have had with them. Cynthia has amazing gifts and I am grateful.
Aldeena K
Absolutely right on! I had a previous reading from a different medium which left me upset and alarmed. Cynthia Rose reading was over the phone. She gave me relief and was unbelievably correct in her reading. Thank you!
Katie T
worlds of weight lifted from my soul First and foremost, thank you Cynthia. <3 I am grateful for the relief and beauty you brought me and reminded me of. You are truly a gift in my life. I will never forget the time we spent together. I booked an appointment with Cynthia after a coworker recommended her. I went in with a bit of healthy skepticism becuase while I do believe in the gifts of mediums, I know there are people that take advantage of believing that. Cynthia is not one of those people. I went in with the intention of connection to my best friend that passed four months ago. When the reading started I was greeted by my family, my blood lines. Holding my close and reminding me that they support me. When my best friend came through I could feel it in my bones. That was my girl. Cynthia knew things that could not be guessed, found online or coerced (all I said the whole session was predominately "yes" or "no"). I had not been dealing with m grief well. I was so heartbroken and lost. I left my session with Cynthia as a stronger person. I could face my loss with more clarity, reassurance and beauty. I am indebted to Cynthia for giving me that. She is truly a messenger between realms and I plan to visit her again when I need it. If you are skeptical - just book the appointment. I can't imagine leaving a session disappointed. She is a healer and a damn good one. Thank you Cynthia :)
Patti H
My Reading My first time to a Medium & I was not disappointed. Cynthia certainly has the gift! She told me things that she could only tell me if she were truly channeling my departed love ones. The information gave me closure and comfort in knowing that my loved ones are happy & still in my life & my family’s life from the spirit world. I highly recommend her to anyone who has considered going to a Medium.
Gerry L
Amazing reading! I was so happy to hear from the ones I was hoping to hear from. Everything was spot on. Thank you Cynthia.
Jeannine M
Jeannine and Leonie My heartfelt thanks to Cynthia for the beautiful reading we had back in late August.I felt a great connection with my late husband on that day and he has been with me regularly as Cynthia has opened my mind and the rewards for me are ongoing. Thank you again
Patti H
My Reading My first time to a Medium & I was not disappointed. Cynthia certainly has the gift! She told me things that she could only tell me if she were truly channeling my departed love ones. The information gave me closure and comfort in knowing that my loved ones are happy & still in my life & my family’s life from the spirit world. I highly recommend her to anyone who has considered going to a Medium.
So Grateful I’m so grateful I had an opportunity to meet Cynthia. Her ability felt like the best gift I could possibly receive through my healing process. Her warmth and positive vibe made my grieving process into a beautiful path. Thank you Cynthia for bringing joy and healing to my soul.
Hillary C
Life changing That was truly the most amazing experience of my life. I will never forget it. Money will spent, we will be back. That was completely life changing. I am at peace now, thank you for everything you are truly gifted. a REAL medium...thank you.
Brenda L
Fast Efficent Service There was no waiting for my appt. Cynthia was right on. I was so happy to hear from my parents. I can't wait for my next reaading!
Lisa G
Wonderful experience Cynthia gave me a great reading! I was amazed at how accurate she was. I felt so good after leaving. The whole thing was such a great experience. I would definitely recommend Cynthia.
Lorraine E
Wonderful! We had an absolutely wonderful experience at our family group reading. We were all happy and grateful at the experience!
Ava S
The Real Deal She is spot on and undoubtedly connects with your loved ones who have passed on!
Anne B
Very Pleased I had never seen a medium/psychic before. My husband passed away quickly over a year ago and this is what prompted me to see Cynthia. I felt such a positive vibe from her and it amazed me the communication I received from my husband. I was pretty skeptical at first, but she made me a believer! I loved my experience and feel so much more at peace now. She’s the real deal.
Carlina Q
Healing Experience Cynthia's gift brought so much healing to my heart. My loved ones came through the reading. I have never been with a medium before, so I was somehow skeptical. However, her accurate descriptions, choose of words and kind translation of the messages brought joy and healing to my heart. I got messages for family members as well from my grandparents about their current legal issues and real state transactions, which blew my mind.
Stefanie G
Amazing Cynthia was completely amazing. She gave me some closure that i needed with my loved one. I would highly recommend her to anyone!
Marc B.
Absolutely Incredible Reading I can't say enough good things about Cynthia Rose. My reading with Cynthia was phenomenal, as she was able to connect with my grandparents, aunt's, uncle's and, most importantly, my father. Cynthia relayed messages from my father for over an hour. I was truly blessed to meet with Cynthia and receive those touching messages. Thank you Cynthia!
Jennifer R
Peace of Mind After losing my soulmate suddenly and unexpectedly, Cynthia was able to channel her three different times!! Twice at a live audience reading and again during a private reading. Knowing that my spouse is ok was reassuring. The information Cynthia was able to convey on behalf of Amy was incredible! She gave validation on so many occasions of Amy’s presence and this was such a present! If you are wanting to connect with a loved one who has passed on, I would highly recommend that you see Cynthia! Thank you Cynthia for all of you love, light and support through this difficult time!
Angela T
Amazing reading I had an amazing experience. She channeled several loved and knew things nobody would know. I give her 5 stars and would highly recommend!! I will definitely do it again!
Amanda F
Reading was great! We had a party show up during the reading. Which I think made it harder for Cynthia to relay the information as accurately as she could have. That said, she did an excellent job, was on point so many times & clearly made connections with many family members who have crossed over. What blew my mind most was the information she/the spirits gave in regards to the dynamic of mine & my mother’s relationship. I can say I feel healing in regards to grief I’ve been carrying. I also feel more assured that many things I’ve been sensing are in fact the truth! Thank you Cynthia!
Lisa S
Medium Session Someone else described Cynthia as the &quot;real deal&quot; and I think that is so true. My time with her was so intriguing. She was spot on about many things. I would highly recommend her and will see her again.
Aaron R
Transcendent Experience Cynthia Rose is amazing. Throughout our reading I felt my son’s presence very strongly. Cynthia has a way of explaining things that is clear, empathetic and her reading felt very accurate. Her intention around this work makes her sessions feel special and even sacred. I consider my time with her a gift. I enthusiastically recommend her!
Drueann B
Good reading! I was looking for guidance from loved ones in spirit and Cynthia provided that. She also gave confirmation details about the loved ones in spirit who came to give guidance. I found the reading very helpful! Cynthia was supportive, compassionate and non judgemental! I would highly recommend her!
Lisa Y
So Thankful My reading with Cynthia Rose far exceeded my expectations. I was able to connect with my Dad, Mom and Grandma. I was able to get my questions answered and my heart is at peace. Thank you so much! I will see you again soon!!!
Susan L
reading I felt Cynthia was right on in what she was sharing. I was thrilled to hear from loved deceased relatives. I highly recommend her and wpuld schedule with her again.
Florena Radspinner
A Real Medium I've had short readings with Cynthia Rose McCaw about 3 or 4 times. She is the real thing. She is accurate. So far, she is the most accurate medium I have come across in Colorado, and, I have been to quite a few! You will not regret having a reading with Cynthia!
Kristie K
Wonderful experience Cynthia was amazing. She was very spot on. She took time to provide very helpful information that I am very thankful for.
Erika N
Awesome :) My husband, mother, and I went to see Cynthia over this past weekend. We both did an hour reading each in her office. And all I can say is that she is the truth :) We all received NOTHING less than a gift from Cynthia! When you lose a loved one, all you can ever do is long to be in there presence, and have a connection once again. Well I can never give enough thanks to Cynthia for letting me have that feeling, if only for a moment :) she has a beautiful gift!!! We got so much confirmation that our loved ones are always around us. As well as guidance :) 6 out of 5 stars, lol
Mike C
Beginning Mediumship Class Review This was the first mediumship class I've taken. Cynthia is a very good medium and is interested in helping others develop the ability. She definitely had us do things that we may have not thought possible, but everyone in the class seemed to do better than they expected. I was happy to say that I experienced better results than I thought I would not being a naturally gifted medium by any means. It will take a lot of practice to develop but with Cynthia's help, it is possible. I would recommend her class and would likely take another too. I enjoyed the class!
Reading Excellent reading and was able to help my family during my reading.
Vialet R
Mediumship Reading Review of Denver Office and Phone Cynthia is amazing! She tapped into the energy of my family on the otherside immediately. Her descriptions allowed me to identify each individual as they came through with their messages. She is compassionate and provides a safe haven for individuals to connect with their love ones in a beautiful manner. I am truly grateful for the experience and information that was provided to me. I would highly recommend her for anyone that wants to connect with their love ones. This process allows to understand that life continues after this one. Thank you so much, Cynthia! You are a blessing.
Carolyn C
Beginning Mediumship Class I really enjoyed your class. I stretched myself as much as I could, and it was amazing what came up.I could feel those on the other side, and it was fun when the classmates verified what I told them (my first impressions). I was frustrated when we were using the blindfolds, as what my partner told me didn't make sense. She told me that the person who passed was a truck driver, and that he died in an accident at the age of 27.It made no sense. After I thought about if for a few days, I remembered that my father had a trash business with a truck for a few years, to pay for college, and quit the business at around that age so that he could go back to school. I wish that I could have conveyed that information to the gal that was reading me, as now I believe that she was probably right (except that the business "died", not him at that time). You are a great teacher, and it was fun being around other like-minded people. I look forward to taking more of your classes in the future.
Kim E
Kim Evans group Group of 6 was read and every one was pleased with their reading. thank you Cynthia-Rose. please advise when you will be visting Vancouver again.
Paula H
Accurate Reading My husband passed 7 months ago. I went to Cynthia Rose in hopes of connecting with him again. Cynthia brought him forward as well as my Dad. She said things that she would have no way of knowing. It brought me a lot of comfort. I will be going back! Thank you soooo much Cynthia. I truly feel like I’ve finally turned a corner in my life!
Kelli M
Amazing reading I really enjoyed the reading, and so did my mother and husband. The information was eerily accurate. Will definitely have another one some day.
Prisclla V.
Highly recommended Im very satisfied and convinced that Cynthia is gifted and truely connects with the passed on. I would see her again becuase she takes to time to understand what our loved ones are trying to tell us and the details in which she translates are so candid that theres no way she would know all of this if she wasnt really communicating with the spirit world beyond.
Tiffany D
Reading for sisters The reading that was provided was absolutely beautiful. So much information was given, a lot of which could’ve only been known by actually talking with our Dad. My sister was skeptical before the reading but left in happy tears because the information provided much needed closure for her and I. I have already spread the word on how wonderful of an experience it was and will continue to do so. Thank you so much, The Driver sisters
cynthia A
Very in tune Cynthia was truly awesome and very talented! She is very talented, intuitive and also a medium. She was able to read my chart as well and give me guidance based on my astrology! highly recommend!
reading I was very happy with my reading. Many things were spot on and it made me very happy to know the things she found. I am looking forward to more information. Thank you.
Amazing experience! Cynthia-Rose is very kind and I felt like she cared about me and my reading. The info she relayed seems accurate . Her service is priceless.
vanessa crittenden
Channelling reading I saw Cynthia in mid-December and I allowed her to just give me what guidance and who she was channelling. She is a very powerful channeller who delivered some incredible information and messages from my family and friends. She is kind and considerate with a loving heart. I would highly recommend her for a channelling.