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vanessa crittenden
Channelling reading I saw Cynthia in mid-December and I allowed her to just give me what guidance and who she was channelling. She is a very powerful channeller who delivered some incredible information and messages from my family and friends. She is kind and considerate with a loving heart. I would highly recommend her for a channelling.
Amazing experience! Cynthia-Rose is very kind and I felt like she cared about me and my reading. The info she relayed seems accurate . Her service is priceless.
Stefanie G
Amazing Cynthia was completely amazing. She gave me some closure that i needed with my loved one. I would highly recommend her to anyone!
Mike C
Beginning Mediumship Class Review This was the first mediumship class I've taken. Cynthia is a very good medium and is interested in helping others develop the ability. She definitely had us do things that we may have not thought possible, but everyone in the class seemed to do better than they expected. I was happy to say that I experienced better results than I thought I would not being a naturally gifted medium by any means. It will take a lot of practice to develop but with Cynthia's help, it is possible. I would recommend her class and would likely take another too. I enjoyed the class!
Carolyn C
Beginning Mediumship Class I really enjoyed your class. I stretched myself as much as I could, and it was amazing what came up.I could feel those on the other side, and it was fun when the classmates verified what I told them (my first impressions). I was frustrated when we were using the blindfolds, as what my partner told me didn't make sense. She told me that the person who passed was a truck driver, and that he died in an accident at the age of 27.It made no sense. After I thought about if for a few days, I remembered that my father had a trash business with a truck for a few years, to pay for college, and quit the business at around that age so that he could go back to school. I wish that I could have conveyed that information to the gal that was reading me, as now I believe that she was probably right (except that the business "died", not him at that time). You are a great teacher, and it was fun being around other like-minded people. I look forward to taking more of your classes in the future.
reading I was very happy with my reading. Many things were spot on and it made me very happy to know the things she found. I am looking forward to more information. Thank you.